Jan 21, 2012

Welcome to the conneXion

In the early days of Methodism, "a connexion" was the term used to describe a loose network of Methodist societies and the preachers who over-saw them.  Generally centred around a key leader (so one might refer, for instance, to "Lady Huntington's Connexion," or "John Wesley's Connexion") these networks provided spiritual leadership, mutual encouragement, accountability, and financial support to the various Methodist works scattered around England. 

A "connection" today, of course, is terminology we use in the field of telecommunications.  A computer needs a "connection" to access the world-wide-web, and "connectivity" is a measure of its "capacity for interacting with various computer platforms, systems and applications."  As Rob Clements, a contributor to this blog, pointed out: it's curious how much of the terminology from early Methodism is employed today in the world of Social Media.

Well: whether or not John Wesley would want to "like" us on Facebook (we hope he would, but who knows?), we'd like to welcome you to The conneXion, a new blog dedicated to encouraging theological dialogue from a Free Methodist ethos.  The name the conneXion is meant as an allusion both to our old Methodist roots and to the new digital forum we're working in.

All of this by way of introduction:  The conneXion is an online symposium of theologians and pastors from the Free Methodist Church in Canada who share a passion for God's Word, a heart for God's People, and a desire to promote theological reflection in the local church. At the conneXion, you will find articles, resources, reflections and general musings about theological issues that impact the Free Methodist Church in Canada and/or the Church universal. 

We hope you will find these challenging, stimulating, encouraging and/or illuminating, and that you will feel free to join us as we explore God's Truth together.

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