Jan 29, 2015

Three Minute Theology 1.2: The Trinity in 3D

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  1. Excellent message on the Christian definition of mystery, and our incapability to fully define or understand the Trinity by using the two / three dimension analogy.

    We can barely understand the great mysteries of God's creation let alone the mystery of our awesome God.
    God gives us as much as we have the capacity to understand, if we humbly ask Him.

    As much as it is good to desire to understand more(and we can, according to the apostle Paul when he wrote that the spiritual man has the mind of Christ in the book of 1Corinthians2), we must , however, also remember that unless we trust God and humble ourselves as a child, then our futile efforts to fully explain away all the mysteries of God is nothing but a prideful desire to elevate ourselves. Also our efforts to try and bring the infinite God into a mere scientific concept or formula is likely motivated by arrogant pride as well.
    God is too immense and infinitely awesome for us to even try.

    With that being said, I believe that there is balance between perusing to know God and Jesus His son, without becoming arrogantly presumptuous. And that takes prayer, humility, trusting in the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit when studying, and reading the Scriptures, and an acceptance, on our part, to understand what He chooses to reveal to us: and that which we do not understand, to simply trust Him. For He is God!
    Pastor Joe